Warten auf die Abfahrt

Waiting together, ready for departure

Mobile home vacation with your dog

You are welcome to take your pet along in our camper vans. We can’t confirm the concerns of some people, that their dog won’t have enough space. Our experience is that dogs feel very well and enjoy the time in a small space with their owners. But we do have some requests and some tips:

– don’t leave your dog alone in the vehicle
– inform yourself about the traffic laws and regulations in various countries (a bench, or securing with a harness)
– cover the matrasses with a blanket, if you allow your dog(s) on the beds
– dry your dog before it enters the vehicle (scent)
– remember that your dog may fall of a matrass, when it’s laying on it while you are driving
– the wire-netting at the windows and door is NOT dog claw proof
– arrange for a basket or a blanket for your dog, so it has it’s own space
– and finally: enjoy your time together!